Here at AMS we do presentations and company’s introductions using modern visual technology.

Your presentation should be nice, smooth attractive and clear to reach the viewer mind directly and put him in the spot of the presentation.

For AMS clients presentations is not just a slideshow, it’s an animated show with high Resolution created by a team of professional designers, animations, and presenting.

By using this service you’ll be able to view your presentation ways and techniques as follow:

  • DVD.
    Get your presentation on DVD composed of Mine menu title and chapters, pictures gallery, of your choice and play it on your DVD player.
  • Online Presentation.
    Sometimes you’ll need your presentation to be viewed online on your website as an introduction for the website or to send your presentation to people without even meeting them, by this way you’ll have your presentation exported to one link so all you have to do is just sending the link of your presentation.
  • Executable Presentation.
    Get your presentation as one executable file to be able to send it, attach it, play it, by double click, or just burn it to a CD to be played on any CD just by inserting the CD.