AMS Newspaper ADS

What is Newspaper advertising?

Newspaper advertising is one of the most common ways to advertise in many countries. newspaperSmallOften cheaper than broadcast advertising, newspaper advertising usually provides advantages of greater market share in many locations. Also, newspaper advertising does not depend on the target audience having a television or radio on at a certain time in order to receive the message of the advertisement.

More Simply its a newspaper displaying ads and those ads can span across multiple columns – and can even cover full page, half page, quarter page or other custom sizes. They are designed in high resolution coloured or black/white formats providing higher visibility for the mass audiences of newspapers.

AMS Newspaper ADS:

AMS Newspaper ADS is a full color high quality printed newspaper ads of 8 pages offering advertisement columns as follow:

  • Front cover (Full Page).
  • Back cover page (Full Page).
  • Full page (Inside)
  • Half page (Inside)

Features & Distribution:


  • All our prices including free of charge designing services so it wouldn’t be a problem if you don’t have a design for your ad.
  • All our prices including posting a paid facebook ad of your product or company that reach almost 20,000 Audience targeted by your choice in terms of Age, Gender and Location (We take care of targeting by our self unless you were sure of your targeting choice).
  • We have a digital version (PDF) of our AMS Newspaper ADS which will be posted on Facebook as a paid ad with almost 10,000 Audience reach per day for 2 weeks.

Distribution (Tripoli, Libya):
We have placed an Excellent distribution plan Under the supervision of ARAMEX so we make sure that your advertisement going to the right place as follow:

  • Distributing new issue every 2 weeks.
  • Our first target will be the Commercial location as will make sure to deliver an number of copies to every single office at (Tripoli Tower, Dat Elmad Towers, Alwahat center and Al-Andalos gate center).
  • With every ARAMEX Delivery process going to an office or company out of the buildings above there will be an attached copy/copies of AMS Newspaper ADS
  • Most of Consulates and Embassies waiting halls in Tripoli.
  • All the 5 stars hotels and a number of the medium hotels.
  • All the elegant cafes and restaurants.
  • A number of waiting halls of hair dressing salons.



  • Front cover (Full Page). 750LYD
  • Back cover page (Full Page). 750LYD
  • Full page (Inside). 450LYD.
  • Half page (Inside). 250LYD.
  • Quarter page (Inside). 150LYD.


How to order?

Contact us by one of the available ways on the Contact us page or call us now on: +218-91-888 789 8.