Logo Design

logo4 logo6Consider Corporate Image Design to be one of our specialties. We have created professional logos and identity packages for businesses of almost every size and type. Our staff possesses the creative talent and real world experience to produce effective visual solutions for any situation.

logo2logo1The creation of a graphical identity or logo to represent a business, organization, or product is a complex and demanding task. An effective logo needs to be unique, distinctive, and memorable; it must also be appropriate to the organization, product, or idea it represents. Using shape, color, and/or typography, this design must encapsulate a concept and convey a message. That’s an awful lot for one little picture to do.

Logo Design is Too Important to be Left to Amateurs:

Your logo is a representative of your company. The first thing that potential customers may notice about your company is your logo. For this reason, we feel strongly about the custom logos we create.

What does a logo do?

  • Visually identifies your company
  • Reinforces your brand image
  • Illustrates your company values

logo3 logo8Imagery can help to set a certain tone. Does your company logo design contain sharp angles or smooth curves? Is the icon something literal that clearly conveys your corporate focus or is it more figurative? What kind of emotional attachments are subconsciously communicated through your use of color?

Leave Logo Design to the Professionals:

logo5logo7Everyone has a relative or friend who likes to draw, but an interest in drawing is not the same as a professional graphic designer. Your neighbor’s son will most likely lack the experience needed to understand the subtleties of a well-designed logo. Nobody wants to have a logo that has little or no meaning, because how do you explain to your customers that your logo has no meaning? Packaging Design Services – Increase Visibility & Sales Launching a new product can be a challenging undertaking. Don’t let ineffective package design hold back your product rollout. Buyers are always considering how the products they purchase will look on their display shelves and will think twice if your product packaging is not up to their standards.