Training Programs

Our pashing for Media & sharing knowledge as we believe that all kind of relations in the world must be about raising all parties involved in the relation or there must be something wrong about it.

We have structured few training programs that would help those who want to involve in media or advertising regarding to what serive their intrests.

Social media ADs design using Photoshop

A training program in the field of advertising design on Facebook that targets marketing staff or small business owners who want to manufacture and promote their ads by themselves or who want to learn this skill.

Themes of the training program:

  • A brief overview of the advertising industry.
  • Overview of Facebook’s way of publishing posts.
  • Definition and installation of Photoshop.
  • Give real value to the ad.
  • Export and publish ads.
  • An overview of how Facebook-funded ads work and marketed.

Duration: 2 Weeks

Training Hours: 16HRs

Practice Hours: 16HRs

Tuition fees: 400LYD

Logos design training program

A training program for beginners in designing logos and brands that target those who wish to learn them using the Adobe Illustrator program.

Themes of the training program:

  • Learn about the different types of logos and learn to manufacture them.
  • Learn the basics of drawing and design using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Employing feelings in creating logos.
  • Learn the basics of starting a business in the field of manufacturing logos and brands.
  • Practical design and implementation of various types of logos.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Training Hours : 45HRs

Practice Hours : 45HRs

Tuition fees: 700LYD

Adobe Illustraior training program

A training program to learn using Adobe Illustrator application which is one of the most important programs used to produce works and designs that depend on (Victor) elements, such as advertising designs, digital graphics, prints, brands and various designs required in the advertising and other sectors.

Themes of the training program:

  • Learn about a group of works that can be produced by the program.
  • About how Facebook works to publish posts.
  • Mastering using the program basics.
  • Executing different designs and works through the program.
  • Design out for print.
  • Exporting different works through the program.
  • A overview of logo design.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Training Hours : 36HRs

Practice Hours : 36HRs

Tuition fees: 550LYD

Mock ups training program using Photoshop

A Mockup is a graphic design of a model, product, or miniature to illustrate or demonstrate how its final shape will be after implementation closest to reality. The Mockup is usually used in the field of advertising designs and the manufacture of brands to display realistic shapes of different types of different designs such as products, banners, documentary cycles, smart devices, and others.

Themes of the training program:

  • Learn about Photoshop and the basic tools for making Mockups.
  • About how Facebook works to publish posts.
  • Learn about Photoshop program and a set of tools that will be used to edit and make Mockups.
  • Learn about different sites and different ways to download and deal with Mockups.
  • Produce and make different Mockups.

Duration: 2 Weeks

Training Hours : 18HRs

Practice Hours : 18HRs

Tuition fees: 400LYD